Learning C# by Programming Games

Getting the Tools

In order to run the examples in the book, you need to install Visual Studio Community 2015 and MonoGame 3.5. You'll find the download links on the right side of this page. All the example programs provided with the book are available as projects for Visual Studio.

Running the Example Programs

Each chapter in the book has its own project with example programs. The example programs are available in a ZIP file here. Download the file and unpack its contents in a folder on your harddisk. Once you have done so, you can explore the projects and example programs. Each chapter has its own solution and project files, and these are located in separate folders. For instance, for the example code belonging to chapter 24 ("Finishing the Game"), go to the folder 24_FinishingGame and double-click on the file FinishingGame.sln. This will open the Visual Studio editor and you will see the example programs belonging to chapter 24. Press the F5 key to compile and execute the program.

Legacy XNA Samples

The first version of the samples provided with the book worked with the now obsolete XNA game engine. Those samples are no longer maintained, but you can still download them here.